MAESSR is an all-volunteer organization funded entirely by donations. Our primary expense is for veterinary services. Prior to placement, all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, receive rabies, distemper/parvo, and bordatella vaccines, have heartworm and intestinal worm tests, and are supplied with heartworm and flea preventative. Many also have infections or infestations which must be treated. Still others have serious health problems — heartworm, broken legs, tumors, epilepsy. In addition, we have to board some dogs when they must be pulled from a shelter to save their lives but no foster homes are available. Although an adoption donation is required for every dog, the expenses of 40% of our dogs exceed their adoption donation.

MAESSR has additional administrative expenses for mailing supplies and postage, semiannual newsletter, and posters. Our foster families provide food, toys, and other everyday supplies for our dogs (the love, attention, and training they give is beyond price).

YOU CAN HELP by becoming a monthly sponsor or making a donation to our general fund.

HONORARIUM/MEMORIAM DONATIONS: You can honor a loved one (human or animal) or remember a loved one when you make a donation. Just add the name under the notation In Honor/Memory of. If you give us their name and address, we will send a card to them memorializing your gift.

Be a Monthly MAESSR Sponsor at $50.00 per month
Be a Monthly MAESSR Sponsor at $25.00 per month
Be a Monthly MAESSR Sponsor at $20.00 per month
Be a Monthly MAESSR Sponsor at $15.00 per month
Be a Monthly MAESSR Sponsor at $10.00 per month
$25.00 - Vaccine or Heartworm Test
$50 - Vet Office Visit
$100 - Spay or Neuter
$300 - Heartworm Treatments
Patron Level - $500
Covers all care for an average Springer
Donate another amount

Or, send your check or money order payable to MAESSR to:

P.O. Box 15354
Richmond, VA 23227

Contact MAESSR
If you have limited email access, or if you know of a Springer in need, you can contact MAESSR by telephone at (301) 362-0423 or you can always email us.

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