Angie EplingAngie Epling name is Angie Epling and I live with my two rescued MAESSR dogs Princess and Winston and our rescued hound named Jake in North Carolina. My love of Springers began years ago when my husband and I were newly married and we purchased our first furry child, a Springer Spaniel puppy who we named Norman. He was the light of our lives and when he passed at age 12 we were devastated and looking for ways to honor his memory. That is when I came across MAESSR and started to volunteer. Now, 11 yrs later, we have most recently welcomed our 5th resident rescued Springer Spaniel named Winston.

Over the years I have loved and cherished my volunteer time with MAESSR. Most of my time has been spent as the Owner Relinquishment Coordinator, a position that I still am honored to hold today. I am also a dog trainer which affords me the opportunity to also help in that capacity when called upon.

I feel the organization is so well run and feels like a big family working together for the common goal of helping Springers in need. I have been so impressed with how our volunteers who pull together and work tirelessly to get done what needs to be done to get the dogs that may be in danger into our foster program and then find them the best forever homes to live out the rest of their lives safe and happy. This takes a whole team of people from every department of the organization working together.

I am very honored to have been asked to join the Board of this wonderful organization and look forward to working with all of its members towards our common goal of helping English Springer Spaniels in need

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