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Hi! I am Vicki Phillips and I live in Southern NJ with my three MAESSR dogs Ginger (2003), Missy (2003) and Springer (2005). I was born in Virginia, where I spent most of my childhood, before moving to NJ. I have been around dogs since I was a baby, but it was my work in social service that brought my first Springer, Mesha, into my life.

Mesha was a beautiful black & white, bench bred springer who was purchased from a breeder as a gift for a family who left her tied in their backyard, alone and neglected. Colleagues were able to convince her family to give up their animals. Mesha was brought to my office. It took only 24 hours for me to realize she was destined to spend her remaining years with me´┐┐ safe and loved.

Mesha sparked my love affair with Springers. She was an amazing dog who accompanied me everywhere and never ceased to amaze me with her antics. No matter where we last left her leash, I could say "where's your leash" and off she would run to grab it, returning full gallop with the leash streaming mid air behind her. She is the reason I became involved with MAESSR.

In 2002 I began as a transporter and shortly thereafter I volunteered to conduct interviews of potential adopters. Later that year I began fostering and on October 14, 2003 I adopted my first MAESSR dog, Ginger. Two days later my sweet Mesha passed away. It was as if she waited for another special dog to enter my life.

I have worked to ensure MAESSR's presence at special events in NJ and have assisted Kim Bolster locating new merchandise for the Marketplace and planning the annual picnics. I joined the Board in 2008.

I began my career working as a Director of Volunteers for the Mental Health Association in Atlantic County. In 1987 I became the Executive Director and have spent the last 27 years developing innovative programing to assist persons with mental illness living in our community.

Trained by FEMA and the American Red Cross in disaster mental health, I began volunteering with the Red Cross. After Hurricane Marilyn in 1995, I spent 3 weeks in St Croix assisting with recovery operations and in 2001, worked with NJ families after the attacks of 9/11.

Like many of us, I was horrified by the suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I joined other MAESSR volunteers and went to the region, specifically New Orleans and worked with teams on animal search and rescue. I am humbled by the extraordinary acts of so many ordinary people who flocked to the region to help their fellow Americans.

Recently, I acquired Animal House Grooming and Supplies, a well established retail business operating for over 18 years. I am excited about the possibilities for partnering my passion for MAESSR and my enthusiasm for the pet industry.

After decades of working with non-profits, I am thrilled to be helping to guide the direction of such a professionally managed organization with hundreds of dedicated volunteers who all give tirelessly of themselves to ensure the success of our mission....helping English Springer Spaniels. This group is comprised of some of the nicest and most genuine people I have met in my lifetime. I encourage everyone to get involved in some small way. You may just find your new best friend and they may find their forever home!

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