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Hello, my name is Pat Race. I live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA with my two MAESSR Springers- Spencer (adopted 2005) and Tracey adopted (2006). I was born and raised in Northern NJ where we always had dogs as part of our family. We got our first Springer when I was teenager and so began a lifelong love of the breed.

When I graduated from college, I was very anxious to get a house with a big yard, and my own Springer. So I bought a puppy from a neighborhood breeder, a wonderful L&W male by the name of Digsby. Digsby was my constant companion, and he lived a wonderful, healthy and active life until he went to the rainbow bridge after giving 15 ˝ years of unconditional love.

After I lost Digs, I didn’t think I wanted another dog and surely did not want to have my heart broken again. But I jumped in and bought a puppy that I named Abbie from what turned to out to be a less than reputable breeder. Working with vets for her health issues and behaviorists for her temperament issues, I became aware of Springer Rescue.

Abbie seemed to do better when she was in the company of another dog, so I applied to adopt a Springer from MAESSR. Spencer and I adopted each other and he fit right in my home like he had always been there.

Due to severe health issues, my vet and I helped Abbie cross the rainbow when she was only 18 months young; it broke my heart. I swore that her short life would not be in vain and that I would volunteer for MAESSR and do what I could to help Springers in need. My work with MAESSR is Abbie’s legacy.

I started out doing transports, then adoption interviews, then became a foster home (I failed on my first foster and adopted Tracey), post adoption interviews, was the Post Adoption Coordinator for a while, owner relinquishments, coaching for adoption interviews and owner relinquishments, and currently an Applications Coordinator. I am active in fundraising and recruiting volunteers in Western PA. I was truly honored to have been asked to join the Board of Directors. MAESSR is a wonderful organization of which I am proud to be a part of. I have been fortunate to have met so many great Springers and dedicated volunteers who give countless hours of time and open their hearts and homes to help Springers in need.

I look forward to contributing to this wonderful group, and helping to keep MAESSR as one of the most respected groups dedicated to rescuing dogs.

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